Saturday, November 8, 2008


One of the effects of chemotherapy is the destruction of bone marrow. Bone marrow is where blood is formed. Each week, Olive's blood production is closely monitored using blood counts. To qualify for chemotherapy, Olive's counts have to be at certain elevated levels. These levels indicate that her bone marrow has regrown and once again started reproducing blood cells. Qualifying blood counts are typically around 1100. Thursday morning, Olive's counts only reached 726. That meant no chemo for us. We were denied treatment. Who knew that not getting chemotherapy would be a bummer. She has now been set back a week. We are scheduled to try again this Thursday.

In the meantime, Olive broke out in a horrible rash. I called the hospital, and of course they had me rush her right down. Apparently, people with compromised immune systems are susceptible to a painful, blistering rash called shingles. Shingles are an ugly cousin to chicken pox. All this time I thought shingles were a type of roof covering. The good news's not shingles. Apparently my kid has excema. Oh brother. Add that to the list.


Nicole and Scott Kesten said...

camille- so glad to reconnect! i just read every one of your posts (thank goodness you didnt start your blog like 3 years ago) and will always have your family in my thoughts and prayers. i really admire your honesty and candor in your posts.. i can still hear you talking when i read them. keep in touch! love, nicole

Stylin' Binder's said...

Hey! Its that short girl you go to church with...LOL. I heard sister Burten say that you had a blog so i looked you up. Yo9u still need to let me have your son come over and play. Wed and fri are good or monday afternoon. My number is 362-5575.. Kelli Allmaras

Brenda said...

I'm glad it was only eczema and not some bizarre, rare disorder... thank God for the little things. My son is a rashy kid... (technical name: atopic dermatitis) and vaseline works wonders on preventing the flare ups. Also, I NEVER change laundry detergent or fabric softener or his skin will go NUTS!

How is your little guy?? He is a cutie. What new, funny things is he doing?

Amy Hawken said...

Are Olive's tights actually baggy??? We don't know what that's like at this house...neither me nor Ruby!